Contract No: AST5-CT-2006-030959


NODESIM-CFD is a Specific Targeted Research Project financed by the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme. It involves a team of 17 collaborators working in the aeronautical industry, and includes consulting companies, research institutions and software companies.

The objective of NODESIM-CFD is to introduce these uncertainties within the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation process by applying non-deterministic methodologies in order to obtain an associated domain of variation of the predicted output quantities, instead of a single value. Tools for the evaluation and quantification of uncertainties in aerodynamic and thermal performance predictions will be developed, supporting the aeronautical industry goals of enhanced design confidence, risk reduction and improved safety.

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NODESIM-CFD Final meeting was held on 10/11th of Feburary 2010 at ONERA, Paris.

NODESIM-CFD 6th Progress meeting was held on 28th of October 2009 in VUB-Brussels.

"WORKSHOP on QUANTIFICATION of CFD UNCERTAINTIES" was held on 29-30 October 2009 in Brussels-Belgium.

NODESIM-CFD 5th Progress meeting was held on 25/26th of May 2009 in Trieste-Italy.

NODESIM-CFD 4th Progress meeting was held on 24/25th of November 2008 in Barcelona.

NODESIM-CFD 3rd Progress meeting was held on 20/21st of May 2008 at Farnborough - UK.

NODESIM-CFD 2nd Progress meeting was held on 26/27th of November 2007 at Sophia Antipolis-France.

NODESIM-CFD 1st Progress meeting was held on 10/11th of May 2007 in Paris.

NODESIM-CFD kick-off meeting was held on 13th /14th of November 2006 in Brussels.

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